Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Hike

 A happy husband hiker.  We tackled Stony Man loop up in the Shenandoah National Park for Zane's Birthday.  I have learned that my sweet husband needs ADVENTURE- SO we drove up to the mountains for the day.
 We got a wee lost in the beginning, but after talking with a couple from PA that knew the trail well, we found the 3.7 mile loop.  These cement markers are labeled with the trail names etc at trail junctions.
 Zane and his mom on the top of Stony Man overlook. Such a special day with the family.
 I was all layered up. I still haven't adjusted to the colder temperatures here in VA now that it is fall.
A trail view. At one point we were on the side of the mountain and it was so rocky/slippery.  Quite the adventure-  NEXT TIME- we will hike in Hiking Boots. We all wore running shoes which really was good for the terrain.

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