Friday, February 08, 2013

Torpedo's Birthday Celebration

 Yesterday was Torpedo's Birthday.  My sweet friend Andrew was ready to celebrate at the National Zoo.
It was a cloudy, cold day- but you wouldn't of known.  Andrew's spirit warms any heart and honestly, I am blessed to have time with this awesome 4 year old.
 BUT OF COURSE- Torpedo had to have hot cocoa and a yummy brownie.  IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY! We pulled over after a few hours to get warm and eat our picnic lunches. There was time for Torpedo to eat his treat and for us to review the map and figure out where we would head next.
 The day started out with a B-Line (more like sprinting- which Andrew had to remind me - TERRA YOU ARE A RACER- HURRY UP!) to the Elephant's morning workout.  I will NEVER forget the sweetness that came next. While running to the Elephant Outpost area, we went by a metal bench with bamboo top.  Andrew looked at it and said "What if the Elephants could walk on that? It would be so funny!". Of course the smarty pants in me said "Hmm, I think it would probably break".  Little did I know what was coming next. "Well- metal is the 2nd strongest thing in the world so it'd be okay".  I added "So rock is the strongest?"  Andrew with a loving heart and serious face said "NO TERRA- God is the STRONGEST in the world".  A couple and their kids heard Andrew clearly and smiled. All I could think was "Boy- the faith of a child. May we all have that clarity!  AND that this little dude is only 4 and he is already busy sharing the gospel with those around him".  That just set the tone for the rest of the day. I remained so grateful for the little nugget he shared.
 Here we are at the Elephant training- I am pretty sure he didn't move one inch during the whole presentation.  You could see the wheels turning as they worked the Elephant.  Notice the Panda.  We named him KARATE.  It is Torpedo's present.  Every time we get together, I tell you, God's favor is upon us- last outing we somehow got to tour the bullet train at Union Station. This time when I went to purchase a zoo pass when we arrived, the volunteer said we deserved a free toy. SERIOUSLY?  How does this happen! So Torpedo has a new BFF and we get to celebrate Karate's birthday next month.  And the March outing- Andrew wants to go to the Pentagon. Don't know if that is something we can do- but I know God will do something COOL yet again!
The scary Lions.  I was proud that we "made it" up to see the Lions.  Someone was a little scared but he faced his fears and OF COURSE- the big boy Lion sang us a wee little scary song of Roars. We were brave and handled it just fine!

SO- in a nutshell this was Torpedo's Birthday. What a fun celebration not just for Torpedo, but for me to just see how GREAT AND AWESOME God is, even in the little joyful reminders.

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