Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to my sister and brother!

Yesterday was National Sibling Day.  It's funny, I think there are so many holidays or "days" now that I can't keep up with them all. Thanks to Facebook, I found out about Sibling Day.

I have been absolutely blessed with the best sister and brother I could ever ask for. I know- as the loving, big sister, I am "suppose" to say that. But honestly, as the years have gone by, I have become even more aware of how important my siblings are to me.  They both are key people in my life.

My sister Anne, has her birthday today- April 11.  My brother Bill's birthday is Monday (aka Tax Day- so not hard to forget!)  I wish I could celebrate with them both in person but for now, a blog and calls to sing Happy Birthday will have to do.

Anne is an amazing mother and wife.  Her passion for art and creativity radiates from her.  Honestly I don't know how she is able to put together such great outfits/fashion. I do not have that gift.  She has endured many challenges but continues to stand confident in who she is and her faith. I admire her fight, her spirit and her ability to love others.  I wish so badly that we lived next door to one another so we could hang out and catch up over daily coffee.  Her sweet kiddos call me Auntie YaYa.  I love that.  My sisters husband helped me design my website/logo and boy does he love my sister- so grateful for that.

Bill is a strong, godly man.  I admire his dedication and focus on his family. He works so hard at the Apple store- enduring crazy hours and crazy customers to provide. I know he has a heart for ministry and has led men bible studies and started out post college as a youth pastor.  I am grateful that he prays for me and loves me as his sister even in my shortcomings.  (I was a pretty bossy big sister growing up)  He has shared his love for Duck Dynasty with me, and now I watch the show. (We all have a little redneck in us!)  His wife and kids are awesome.  They shine their light so others can see the love of the Lord.  Also note:  My niece Norah may be the next Missy Franklin- Olympic Swimmer. London my nephew is an amazing reader, animal lover and swimmer/runner! I think he will be a zoo keeper adventurer when he grows up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE AND BILL! I love you both and I am so excited for what the Lord has in store for the both of you in the upcoming year.

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Sister birthday wishes said...

Very nice post. so sweet and I so love the photo of you guys together. so loving it.

- Sarah