Monday, November 11, 2013

Plan in Pencil

 I'll admit it. The last few months have been a bit of a pity party. The body hasn't been feeling good and I allowed myself to get a bit in the dumps. It happens, we start digging this hole and we allow ourselves to "believe" we are stuck. I have slowly found more energy and was motivated thanks to my sweet middle school cross country athletes.  Working with them over the Fall months opened me up to the amazing possibilities of what life will be like now without triathlon racing.  These awesome teen runners motivated me to finally jump back into training. And so I started to PLAN.

Thanks to one of the most recent books I read- RUN FASTER by BRAD HUDSON and Matt Fitzgerald, I tackled putting together an ATP (Annual Training Plan) for myself.  I took the leap into self coaching- to setting on paper some specific goals and races for 2014. First up:  3M Half Marathon.  Here's to hoping I can get in to Marine Corps 2014- the big 2014 goal. First ever open marathon that doesn't involve a 112 mile bike before it.  THE KEY TO MY PLANNING:  PLAN IN PENCIL.  LIFE HAPPENS. BE FLEXIBLE. SET EXCITING GOALS.

The Oyster Adams Middle School Boys Team:  the first championship trophy ever for the Boys.  Hard work and commitment over the last 3 months paid off. I walked away in tears and completely inspired by our girls and boys teams.  Girls placed 2nd too- these ladies are TOUGH COOKIES! I am one proud coach.

The teen runners reminded me to stay strong and SHINE YOUR LIGHT. Our Halloween glow bracelets

It's been a few weeks now into my training schedule.  I am up to normal training volume and able to see the fitness coming back.  I focus on the present because it's easy to compare where I was, what I have done before.  It's all planned in pencil, work happens, a friend needs to talk, a meeting gets scheduled, and so you move things around, you let go of what isn't realistic and you RUN JOYFUL SHINING THAT LIGHT.  

This past weekend my grandparents and Mom came into town to see the home we have created here in DC and what we are doing here with Marymount University etc.  Not many can say they went for a 3 generational progressive run with their family.  My Papa who is 81, had his Garmin cranking out our splits.  It was awesome and so very special.  I did have a run test planned to evaluated where fitness was (recovery week agenda) but I KNOW where I am. HAPPY and GRATEFUL for these moments.

This picture says it all.  My mom tried the slack line at Marymount.  One of our triathletes brought it in for others to try out.  The laughter and happiness.

Plan in Pencil.  You may just find your heart will be more full and the laughter contagious.

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LaVonne said...

Hmmmm...I think I deleted my comment in a enter hitting frenzy. Here we go again...

I love this all! I've been wondering how you are doing. Must be in pencil - we must be able to erase to evolve.

Miss you!